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Mutual Funds Simplified (Basic)

We all wish, our wealth to grow and make greater with limited resources and risk exposure. What if we say, there is an investment which is compatible for all kind of risk group. Mutual fund is emerging as an excellent investment option in Indian Market. Inevitable for commoners, to get attracted by its healthy returns. But alongside came Market risk and volatility. We assure you, A common person can also take benefit of the returns of stock market. People frequently ask, how to invest in mutual fund? As they are difficult to understand. So we are organizing a training session to make it more intuitive.
This session will give you an overview of Mutual Funds; Features, Factors, Fundamentals and Techniques .

Mutual Funds Simplified (Advanced)

We have learned the basics of Mutual funds. Now is the time to move ahead and understand how this interesting asset class can be used as a part of our portfolio. In this advanced course, we understand various categories as per SEBI categorisation. We perform fact sheet analysis of schemes. We study various ratios and other parameters to select one scheme over the other. Some of the ratios we shall learn are Alpha, Beta, R-Squared, Sharpe Ratio and Volatility. We shall study Bond dynamics while understanding Debt funds. We shall explore more on Macaulay Duration, modified duration concepts.

Be your own light - Learn to create financial plan

We all want to be financially satisfied in our lives. We come across the term "financial life planning" and wonder what it means. We may decide to start our own financial plan but we're not sure how. This workshop gets into details of personal finance for families and prepares participants to initiate their own financial planning exercise. Course outline : 1) Introduction to financial planning a) What is financial planning b) Impact of Proper Financial Planning in Professional Life c) Importance of financial planning in current socioeconomic scenario 2) Financial goals a) What are financial goals? b) How to identify GOALS in life? c) Techniques to identify financial goals d) Paradigm Shift from Return on investments to Return on Life 3) Insurance Insights a) Risk (insurance) planning - Human Life Value b) Types of Insurance and objectives c) Selection of Insurances 4) Asset Allocations a) What are various investment opportunities? b) Characteristics of each investment type c) Taxation of various investments 5) Working on your financial plan to fulfill GOALs a) Cash Flow Management b) Understand Risk Appetite c) Time Value of Money, Inflation.

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